We’re flying the coop to a place where we can finish sentences and eat off our own plates and sleep in.  We’re flying as far as we dare fly with so many kids going in so many directions and two pups thrown in and lots of medication.  Leaving these fools to the capable hands of a registered nurse who highlights as the greatest sitter.  They are thrilled; we are thrilled. And, while we wish it could be Naples or London or a million other places more exotic, Chicago is the best we can muster and so we do it every fall and we do it up big.  Nice hotel, upgrade to a suite, spa treatments, the works.  We might as well be in Naples.  Except it’s really cold and snowy and we drove here.  Other than that, same. It’s like a staycation only next level.  We did actually consider just going to to the JW downtown, but we knew they’d find us.  Uber themselves down and crawl into our bed, complaining of a sore tummy and ordering room service without our permission.  And most days we are happily found, but we need a couple days of lost.  Because this fall, especially, has been a killer and we feel like we are staring down the barrel of a loaded gun with Abe’s health up in the air and surgery looming and knowing it will take it’s toll.  Already has.

Six kids and two pups equals an insane amount of everything.  This week alone: two eye exams, one ortho, one pediatrician, one haircut, three practices, one riding lesson, two meetings at school and 13 basketball posters for lockers.  It’s Wednesday. This afternoon in the 17 minutes between an appointment and the kids getting off the bus, I fell asleep like a narcoleptic.  Could barely rouse myself when the door opened and the kids whirled in.  Thankfully I’d made their snack this morning between emptying the dishwasher and reading the lunch choices.  This craziness is nothing new to most of you; you live in this side show too, dreaming of running away on the worst days, even while knowing you never actually would.  Except to escape to Chicago with your love to spend three days with not family being selfish and lazy.  I’ve already ordered souvenirs for the girls from AG, so I don’t even have to set foot in that paragon of commercialism.  They are packed in my bag, which is waiting by the back door.  It’s Wednesday.  The boy’s lego’s should be arriving tomorrow and will be packed as well.  Yes! We missed you so much!  I can cross Watertower off my list and devote that extra time to Nordstrom and sleeping.  Sisters, enjoy your weekend and promise me you’ll do something just for you?  I talk a big game, but the truth is being away from my people is like cutting off my arms.  But my man needs me and I need him, so later tater.  So much love.

this is me being real.


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