letter. one.

Dear Younger Me,

This is the first in a series of letters to you aimed at getting to the heart of things you need to know to be better than me.  Which is a confusing way of saying, listen up; I have important stuff to say.  Because I’ve learned a lot on this road and you are just starting out and if you listen maybe, just maybe, you can avoid some of the pits I’ve fallen into. What follows won’t just be my sage advice, though that will be sprinkled in, but consider this a greatest hits of wisdom from all the very best sources.  You’ll listen on a cassette tape in your navy blue Volkswagen Cabriolet, top down and permed hair blowing in the wind.  You are so cool.  But you are stupid.

So turn it up, because the wind is loud and that is only one distraction in a sea of many and you are going to want to hear this.  But take breaks too, to just be a girl who doesn’t have a care in the world, because those are sweet days and they are giving birth to more and more responsibilities and never again will you feel so carefree as you do now.  I taste the memories of those days still and they are sweet on my tongue.  Your first kiss, the way your bedroom smelled in the fall after a summer away, that dance you and dan went to when you wore that Ann Taylor dress with pearls sewn all over it and he looked so handsome in his suit, double dates you’ll have, dozens and dozens of them, with Allie & Joel and John & Katie and Tim , smoking with the top down and thinking you are. so. cool. Megan, hold on to those days of fun and freedom because they are your now.  But listen up too, because  these words concern your someday.  You have no idea what is coming down the road and, like all travelers in a foreign land, you will need a guide.  So, here I am.  Let’s go.

this is me being real.


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