thank. full.

It’s been a low key kind of weekend, soaking in the sunshine while putting the last pool supplies away for the winter and hours on couches chatting up family.  I’ve heard so many people say thanksgiving is their favorite holiday and I’ve never felt the same, honestly.  Thanksgiving has always made me want to run away and have an adventure with my people, not sure why that is.  Perhaps because it launches this busiest time of year.  And, while I wait with baited breath to welcome Jesus, I could do without classroom parties and dishes to pass and more on the calendar than can possibly fit.  Can definitely do without wrapping gifts and crossing fingers that everything is even.  I love this coming season when we prepare to usher in the Savior, but I often feel like the holy gets lost in the scurry.

Grant has this best friend who we adore.  He’s the politest boy ever.  When I go pick him up, he always greets me with a shy smile and, “Thanks for having me, Mrs. Vos.”  Even though he may be headed for the crummiest time, will certainly be surrounded by our chaos and kids climbing on him when he walks in the door.  He could be headed for the worst time ever. Still, thanks are always given on the front end.  And the back.  Like gratitude bookends.  He has it right, this teenaged boy: thanks first and thanks after.

It has me thinking about how I approach this coming season.  How I need to bookend it with thanks.  The gift is coming and it’s going to be the best thing ever.  We know this.  So, thanks now in anticipation and breathless thanks on Christmas morning when we wake to find that little wooden babe in his manger bed, surrounded by adults who are worshiping him because he is King and they are in awe.  And so should we be.  Nestled amongst the turkey and trimmings on Thanksgiving should be groaning anticipation for the Baby and all He brings: life, light, salvation.  I’m committing to hemming him in with thanks, before and after.  Committing to making the preparation smaller so the event can be bigger.  Because this baby deserves the greatest celebration we can think up.  He just does.  But the best we can give is Christmas morning with the Smalls gathered around our manger scene and wishing him a Happy Birthday in word and song, and that is enough.  Enough as long as we give thanks before and give thanks after.  Enough as long as we remember that Advent is Jesus launching season and it’s the greatest release there ever has been or ever will be, this Baby who saves us.  Thanksgiving prepares us to receive Christmas for the holy day it is.  It’s our chance to say, ‘Thank you, Jesus, for having us.” Bless it all.

this is me being real.


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  1. So love your phrase…….Committing to making the preparation smaller so the event can be bigger. Because this baby deserves the greatest celebration we can think up. He just does. So I am sharing it!

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