He made the team.  I should have told you that Wednesday, but I was so emotionally hungover I couldn’t even form words. For like, 48 hours.  My family was thrilled.  We would have been okay if he hadn’t made it, but we are okayer with this gift of a team.  He went on his team retreat this weekend and I listened to stories of pranks and hijinks and realized this is a part of his life he’s missed.  He has the greatest best friend, a boy we love like our own son, but he’s not been a part of a group for a long time and it is balm to all our hearts.

He made the team.  Which means I have an 8 day itinerary for a family of six to Arizona and Las Vegas if anyone wants it, because I have strange coping mechanisms.  So, when I wasn’t vacuuming, I was on Judith (laptop), googling “best things to do with families in __________”.  Our family, we’ve taken some hits this month and we are weary.  And so I spent my nights after all were abed doing what any rational mother would do: planning adventures to states we haven’t been to.  Because if he hadn’t made the team, we would have found ourselves with a lot of free time on our hands and we need more than ever before to get the heck out of dodge and catch our collective breath.  Before we meet with Abe’s cardio team in a few weeks and get a game plan.  Before possibly spending days or weeks in the hospital with him. And weeks at home recuperating, our family fractured and limping along.  Dan was understandably nonplussed when I presented him with our travel plans on Tuesday for a trip that was to start on Friday. He spends so much of our lives playing catch up.  Sometimes I feel sorry for Dan.

Instead we are home.  Right where we belong.  We are still hoping to get away, only on a much smaller scale.  And I’ve promised Dan that I’ll stick to vacuuming my stress away for the foreseeable future.  A promise I can make because now I’m one vacation itinerary in the plus.  Two if you count the $15,000 four days at Disney that I looked into also.  And that was without airfare but with possibly the most amazing Disney planner I’ll ever work with, if not just because at that price I can’t imagine we’ll never go. Sometimes having a big family bites us right in the tush. But when it’s really great is when daddy leaves to pick teenager up from last tryout and three ride along because they’ve been praying and they need. to. know.  And then when they call you with the news, they are all dancing in their seats and screaming. And they eat roast beast and ask questions and no one can stop smiling.  I think I’ll keep them.

this is me being real.


One Reply to “cope.”

  1. Rejoicing with you! God’s timing is always on time! I understand all too well your mama’s heart and the nights passed in prayer rather than sleep.
    A huge shout out to Our Father who pulls, stretches and molds our children into who he desires them to be. And congratulations to your boy who persevered!


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