Turns out hospitals aren’t the dens of rest I thought they were.  The room service was sub par, the linens had serial numbers on them and the nurses got annoyed when I used the call button to ask for more ice in my water cup.  Additionally, turns out Abe is too big for the nursery.  And so we are home, tireder, stresseder and with a wicked crying hangover (me and him).  But this isn’t about how crappy the news we received was or how terrified I was for a solid 12 hours that seemed like 129 or how overwhelming the next month is going to be. This is about how the weekend is here, signaling another week in which we. have. killed. it.  Mamas, you have made lunches, cooked dinners (knowing that most of your family would HATE it), matched socks, vacuumed pet hair and played chauffeur.  There have been countless hours spent packing backpacks, organizing costumes and attending school functions.  You have given every inch of yourself and you are spent.  Fair enough. Can we agree that maybe we deserve a little catnap today? Or a few minutes to sit in a sun puddle and dream spin about a trip or a cottage or the perfect pumps?  Or, and this is a must, a bit of time spent with Father, thanking him for the million ways he’s blessed your wretched self this week and asking him to intercede in the hearts of your children, your friend, your neighbor. Today, I’m refusing to give in to my compulsion to clean or run errands. I’m going to pray with my Sisters, take the dogs for a long hike and then treat myself to an hour on the couch.  Maybe two.  I have earned this and I will not wear guilt for it.  What are you going to do today to pamper yourself? Please tell me you will do something.

this is me being real.


2 Replies to “nap.”

  1. Well, today didn’t end itself to any Mom time, but I plan a nap on Sunday afternoon, after some sweet time reading on my Kindle about something that has nothing to do with parenting! That is most refreshing for me. Also, I do plan to go to bed after giving Luke his bedtime bottle–snuggling on my lap, with a cloth diaper under his lil chin, and feeling his lovie (a disposable diaper!) Wait, that;s me time—I love it! Even though he is 3, he won’t eat much food, he will drink his Pedisure 1.5 in his bottle, and I do want him weaned, but enjoying every snuggly minute thru the process!!
    Love your “real” posts! Thanks!
    Hugs, Marge


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