Tonight after we’ve trolled the neighborhood for candy with our trailer full of kids and pups, Abe and I get to head down to the Children’s Hospital for our sleep over.  It’s been so long since I’ve had a get-away, I can hardly breathe for the excitement.  I’ve requested a single smoking room and will ask the nurse to take Abe to the nursery for the night.  I’ve not slept well lately, so I’m looking forward to drifting off amidst the downy softness of hospital linens, Outlander and Tylenol PM my beautiful bedfellows.  Please God, let there be chocolates on the pillow. Tomorrow, when Abe is in the cath lab, I’ll pull out the spa menu.  I’ve never had a facial before and I hear they do an amazing chemical peel.  Also, I really need a brow and lip wax.  Abe has to lay totally flat for 6-7 hours after his cath.  I’m bringing my softest blanket and pillow so I can model this for him.  Thank goodness for room service and housekeeping.  After we order in dinner and catch up on social media, slippered feet resting on beds we didn’t make and won’t have to change, we will head home where all the Halloween craziness will be put away.  Costumes in wash on a cold cycle and candy in buckets lined up on the dining room bench.  The babies will all be sleeping the sleep of the satiated and Dan will be filling the dishwasher and folding laundry, his evening having been full and relaxing.  The pups will be laying in front of a roaring fire.  They will lift their heads in a lazy hello and then let themselves out.  And I will drift off to sleep, refreshed and renewed.  This is going to be so great.

And well deserved.  Because first comes halloween.  I’ve sweat through my bra three times already this morning and it’s barely nine.  Abe’s oxygen tank for his scuba costume fell off as he headed out the door and Tess forgot her faux cupcakes.  The parade starts at 2:45, followed by parties for four Smalls in three wings of the school.  I’m wearing my running shoes and will just jog a loop, waving as I go by.  I must put in an appearance at each or I won’t get credit and for the rest of my life I will be reminded by accusatory voices about that one year I missed so and so’s party.  The therapist will call it mindful neglect and will prescribe an activity involving lap sits and rocking.  And I will have to pay for it.  So I’ll be there, sweat in bra and hair in a million directions.  Being extra thankful for our room moms since I ticked them all off a few weeks ago.  And since I realized this morning I signed up for 4 things for Tessas party and 4 things for Lulu’s party and no things for Abe or Maggie’s parties.  This is just not their year.  But I won’t eat guilt because they will be in elementary school for decades yet and so I will make up for it, I promise.  By dinner time we will all be exhausted and ready to nail the coffin shut on this holiday.  Which I why I’m so thrilled about a sleep over at the Children’s hospital tonight.  I’ll be sure to Instagram my time there and get brochures so the next time you just really need to get away, you can book your stay.  Happy Halloween, dear ones.

this is me being real.


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