She and I were trying to kill the time waiting for x-rays for what turned out to be growing pains.  The only thing I had in the car was a Kids Baking Magazine that belonged to her sister.  So we looked at that sucker like it was Canadian House and Home.  And it was full of quizzes.  I love me a good magazine quiz.

Hey Lulu, want to find out which cupcake you are most like by taking this fun quiz? I’ll ask you a question and then you’ll pick choice a, b, c, or d. 

Bring it.

Ok, first question: Your friend breaks her leg.  To cheer her up, you

     a. Bring her a cake you made yourself.

     b. Call her and chat.

     c. Stop over for a visit.

   d. Send her a funny card.  

None.  I would break my own leg so I knew how she felt and then I’d spend the next few weeks laying on the couch with her, watching movies and playing games.  And you would buy me a new Beanie Boo (one of the big ones) because you’d feel so sorry for me.

Um, that’s not one of the options.

It is for me.

Fair enough.  Ok, next one. Question 2.

Your favorite cupcake topping is:

     a. chocolate sprinkles

     b. rainbow sugar dust

     c. non-pareils 

     d. extra frosting

None.  Mini marshmallows and a big letter L.

So, E again?


There were 15 questions on the quiz.  She chose E for 12 of them.  You don’t put baby in a box.  The cupcake that matched her personality could not possibly be made or seen without wearing sunglasses. She will spend her adult life writing in candidates on the ballot, herself most likely.  Standardized testing will not be her strong suit, but will provide much entertainment for whoever proctors it.  No one tells her how to answer.  And while most days finds me wanting to pull my hair out, trying to work her into some semblance of order, today I find myself enchanted by a girl who believes in option e.  God, let me walk that fine line between discipline and curbing her spirit.  She is messy to my neat, wild to my calm.  Let me spend more time celebrating that and less time wishing she came with her own maid.  God, let nothing, save you, change her.

this is me being real.

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