Isn’t it funny how watching someone you love open a gift you’ve been dying to give, becomes equally as exciting for you as it is for them?  Which is only to say that their favorite to get was your favorite to give and now you’re all stupid happy. Together.
Here’s how it played out a couple days ago.

Thanks to Tony for catching it on film and for editing out the hysterical crying that ensued, along with the part where she stuffed them down her shirt and swore she was going to wear them until we leave to go get our girl.  Which turned out to be untrue because when I hugged her today I didn’t hear any crinkly noises and I’m glad of it.
And now I’ve only to call our adoption agency and tell them that it’s going to be Vos Party of 9 for China as soon as possible, please.  Because it’s only right that this Nana and Papa who have tirelessly prayed for our girl should be there when we snatch her up and bring her home.  And if they help keep the Smalls occupado during 16 (billion) hours in flight and consulate appointments and long waits, well, then, that’s what we call a twofer.

This is me being real.  Wondering what (besides Jesus of course) was your best gift of Christmas?

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