My entire house looks like what you find when you move your fridge.  There is a dumpster and a porta-pooper in the driveway and boxes all over the house.  Lucy is on her fourth show while I’ve been canceling trash service and scheduling a donation pick up for all the things we aren’t taking.  I have to decide on a couple things.  Today.  And I can. not. find our birth certificates.
But none of that seems precious today because amidst the chaos that is our life right now, there is a man in a hospital room in Holland who is headed Home.  He delights in the small things, will drive around with a dandelion in the trunk of his car so he can show you how big it is.  He wears a black hat with the word “forgiven” on it to the farmer’s market so you can ask him why and he can tell you about his sweet Jesus.  He loved my grandma so well, and us too, even though we aren’t his biological family.  His heart is beautiful, his hands are strong, covered in liver spots and showing signs of a lifetime of hard work.  His bow-legged gait is so distinctive that if you didn’t spot his trademark fisherman’s cap first, you’d still know it was him from how he moves.  He tickles with a “skeetle beetle beetle” and grows the most beautiful tomatoes.  My grandpa, Andy Rodenhouse, is headed Home.  Will you join us in praying him there?  That his transition would be sweet and peaceful.  That Jesus would ease him into eternity as servant whose work has been done and done well.  And for peace for his wife, Maxine and his children, who adore him, as all who know him do.
And while you’re on your knees, I just got an email from Justin Amash’s office (more on that later) that they have submitted a request to expedite YuChennie’s papers through immigration.  Because Grandpa isn’t the only one who needs to get home.  So would you say a quick prayer that our expedite request falls into the right hands and that it is honored?  And quickly?  We’d be so grateful for any help we can get storming heaven’s gates.
Bless you on this sunny, cold day when some are headed Home and others are just being born and Jesus is over all of it.  Bless Father for his hand in every minute detail.
This is me being real.  And about to blast you with an online garage sale later this week once I get Dan off to deer camp so I can stop worrying about what he’s tearing down with the loader.  Stay tuned.

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