This might be my favorite kind of weather.  At least for a little while and especially on the heels of hot and humid.  We went after church and lunch yesterday to check out the winners of Art Prize, getting good and soaked in the process.  Which led us to our warm nummies when we got home and a huge pillow nest on the floor, in which we watched Nemo while greasing our fingers on buttery popcorn.  Well, they watched Nemo while I lay there with my nose in When We Were Strangers by Pamela Schoenewaldt, totally transfixed.  Things have died down a bit, giving way to a lull that has found me battling the nastiest cold and some anxiety as well, now that I have time to sit and think about the season of life we’re in, the giants we are facing, the blessings too.  And it’s found me whispering these prayers…
Make me small so that You can be big.
Make me quiet so that You can be loud.
Make me still so that You can move.
Make me broken so that You can mend.
Make me follow so that You can lead.
Make me stop so that You can go.
Make me humble so that You can be King.
Make me see so that You can restore.
Make me lame so that You can carry.
Make me heartsick so that You can soothe.
Make me thankful so that You can bless.
Make me a warrior so that You can bring peace.
Make me obey so that You can change.
Make me listen so that You can speak.
And Abba, please please, make me remember so that I can tell.

This is me being real.  And wondering if you’d join us in praying that our home study gets finished soon?  It’s all we’re waiting on for the next step of this journey.