Because months ago I googled babies with cleft palates and there she was.
Because it’s been on my heart for years.  And the Smalls.  And just recently, on Dan’s.
Because we think that when Father said pure religion is caring for widows and orphans in their time of need (and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world), it wasn’t a suggestion.  And even though it means different things for different people, it seems to be meaning this for us.  Clear as mud?
Because doors have flown open, unbidden almost, so quickly we’re are almost afraid to ask for more, quicker, more.
Because we had Isaacs we needed to lay down: trust and time-hoarding and control.
Because halfway around the world, a teeny girl named Yu Chen has joined hands with Father to wreck us.  Just totally wreck us.
And so we are racing to her.  All six of us.  We are racing through paperwork and background checks and forms filled in and double, triple checked before they get notarized, authenticated and certified.  And we are ordering cleft palate bottles at thirty bucks a pop and dreaming of the day we will hold her in our arms and feed them to her ourselves.  And I, especially, after hundreds of whispered prayers about this, will revel in the knowledge of a full tummy.  We are waiting with nerves all ajangle sometimes, despite our best efforts to lean, to see what kind of shape she will be in.  If reports of brain damage are accurate.  If she will ever learn to walk or talk or if the ravages of spending her first years in an orphanage and without proper feeding will rob her of those things.  Waiting for our home study to wrap up so we can send in our E800 form and wait for our 797 and a few other things that are only now in our vernacular but which, roughly translated, mean we are coming.  To our sweet Yu Chen in Nanning province in China.  All six of us, coming to bring her home.  And we are trusting that Father will either use us to heal her with nutrition and love and a sprinkle of crazy or that he won’t, but that he’ll provide all we need either way.  Will equip us to be all she needs us to be, whatever her condition is.  And we are praying that our paperwork goes through smoothly and opens more doors that will lead us to her.  Soon.  Will you link arms with us to pray one more orphan home?
This is me being real.  Pinch me.

5 Replies to “she.”

  1. megan! jenn very recently told me about this game-changer of a development in your family's life and my heart was so blessed and so challenged, too, to hear of it. what beauty. what grace. to be wrecked this way. i'll continue to pray for your family as He brings you to mind.


  2. OH MY GOODNESS!!!! I am so totally and completely excited about this!!! I want to know all about her. Can you e-mail me margaretshopechest at yahoo dot come?? I can direct you to some WONDERFUL people who will become like sisters to you–who have been there and are there right now.


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