School starts in twelve short days.  Ugh.  If you’re like me, you’re constantly on the look out for breakfast ideas that will fill your Smalls up until lunch time and give them the nutritious start you know they need.  Here is one idea:
 The cast of characters: Pamela’s Gluten Free Baking and Pancake Mix, Cinnamon, Chia Seed, Vanilla, Egg, Coconut Milk, veg oil
 There is no recipe here; just throw some mix in the bowl, crack an egg, dash of oil, dash of cinnamon, dash of vanilla, scoop of chia seed and then enough coconut milk to make it pancake batter consistency.  Use the coconut milk instead of adding water-it’s super high in calcium and protein.
 Here’s where it gets fun.  Our waffle maker died last month, but I picked this guy up a couple days ago.  Twenty bucks worth of fun.  It makes waffle sticks.  Totally worth a trip to Meijer, even if your Meijer is all jacked up like ours is.
 Don’t make the same mistake I made and put too much batter in.  It’s not a joy to clean.
I know it’s made with non-stick, but I woke up yesterday with pink eye, Peter has used up all our duct tape and the bamboo skewers I was going to use for our shish kabobs making a sword and Lucy is wearing eight pairs of underwear and doing what I can only describe as a pole dance to Miley Cyrus’ Party in the USA, so non-stick is the least of my problems.  
You gotta die of something.  Might as well be non-stick.
 It comes out in a sheet like this.  You get to eat framework.  It’s the rule.
 The kids get the sticks.  Just a little puddle of syrup or fruit puree to dip these babies in and your kids will head off to school with bellies full of protein and goodness.  You better believe I’m going to pull out a surprise can of Redi-Whip on the first morning.  We’ll be making waffles like a boss.
If you’re lucky, it’ll give your kids enough energy to head off into the woods for a Narnia battle, wielding homemade weapons and some false bravado.  
My favorite part is the JESUS sticker on her shirt.
This is me being real.  Looking for more good breakfast ideas.  Or lunch for that matter.  Sock it to me.


Or, that time I slept with Cyndi Lauper.
As the cool weather continues here, we’ve found ourselves with fewer and fewer ideas of how to spend the days.  The absence of hot afternoons at Nana and Papas beach have made way for bike rides and way too many visits to the Farmer’s Market, but only in their opinion.  Lucy spends most of her time dressed like a dog, releasing her Cutie Pies (the birds formerly known as Kevin) then accidentally pulling their tail feathers out as she catches them back.  Tess walks around with Midnight on her shoulder like a black furry baby.  Grant has been building the mother of all deer blinds in the woods.  And Peter has done this:

It’s only one reason why we could never live in a proper neighborhood.  There are many other reasons, but making a pool out of a hose and a trash bag tops the list.  Followed closely by an alarming amount of public nudity and a fair amount of half started tree forts built by children and turning our woods into a collection of trees with random boards nailed to them.
And even though I couldn’t tell you how we spent yesterday, I know it was full and that we fell into bed last night exhausted.  I’m pretty sure one of my children was swapped out for a cousin because someone looked different around the breakfast table this morning.  I just keep counting.  As long as I have four I’m good.  Problem is, these days I never seem to have my four.  But we are sucking the marrow out of summer’s days with friends and family and preparing for our big trip tomorrow.  Which is why the front hall is packed to the gills with all the crap one family of four children, two parents and a Keloid scar named Steve need to survive 12 days in an RV.  But that is tomorrow.  Today there will be a trip to the Kent County 4H Fair to get poop on our shoes and ride something called the Zipper.  There will be four children watching their mother get her brows and lip waxed and cackling in glee for all the times they’ve had to get shots while I watched.  There will be a trip to the Ada farmer’s market where Heffrons will provide us with the meat for our dinner and the cookie guy will have a dozen gf chocolate chip cookies for the RV freezer.
But for now there are two girls riding scooters on the bike path and pampcakes sizzling softly on the griddle and Cyndi Lauper still asleep in my bed, dog makeup still on.  That Cyndi-she so crazy.

 How are you filling your summer days?
This is me being real.  Thankful for these days.  So so so looking forward to pulling out of here tomorrow night and starting a new adventure with these people.