Because it’s been forever since I’ve written and I haven’t really missed it.  Sometimes.  Not much.
Because I nearly peed myself reading it.
Because Peter’s been asking for a bunny forever (FOREVER) and I’m spending what little spare time I have between teacher gifts and field trips to research hutches and breeds and building up my arsenal of reasons why a bunny would be a terrible idea.
Because she says it better than I ever could.
Jen Hatmaker – Worst End of School Year Mom Ever

This is me being real.  Willing to arm wrestle Jenn Hatmaker for the title.  Bring it.

2 Replies to “funny.”

  1. ok. So I miss your little blog.
    love all the good stuff you write but I get it and I am so on board with Jen on the end of year suckiness. We are in survival mode over here.
    4 1/2.more.days.
    We can do it, sister. One below par project at a time!!


  2. Hello there friend. We've got you beat with that extra 1/2 day, but I promise not to call you and say “nah nah nah nah nah” or anything. By the time your kids get out on Friday, mine will be bored and asking if we can pay-lease do something fun already? Until then, we'll do mediocre together and snicker about it.


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