We were in the pick up line a full 20 minutes before school let out.  Couldn’t wait a second longer at home. Had a cooler bag full of beef sticks and string cheese and a head full of ideas.  Because their teachers may have owned them yesterday, but for the next eleven days they are mine, all mine.  Because daily life with a three year old is a sweet thing, but having them all with me is the best.  It’s a sad state when my need for adult conversation can be satiated by having the olders around.
So I grabbed them and sped away before school could decide that we are too far behind China to afford us a vacation.  Who cares about China anyway?  Sped to our first Mystery Trip of Spring Break 2013: SkyZone.  A place I’d told them we’d probably never visit since I’ve heard of at least two kids breaking legs there and one concussion in an eyeball.  A place I figured they’d never guess because of that.  A place I’d hoped would be nearly empty at four o’clock on the Wednesday before spring break.  I was right.  And it rocked.  Y’all, listen up.  If you want to have a rocking fun time with your Smalls, throw on some yoga pants and an adult diaper and head over there.  Wall to wall trampolines and foam pits.  We’re going back for sure.  But only after we save up for a bit because it’s really pricy.  But so fun.  But pricy.  But so fun.  I’ve already determined that there is one in Canton located very near the Ikea, so if our Mystery Trip on Friday involves Ann Arbor and Trader Joes and other places they might not be thrilled about, it’ll totally involve SkyZone too and it’ll make the drive worth it to all.
But that’s tomorrow.  For today there’s a trip on a funicular, which has to be fun because it’s right in the name.  And a stroll through the Herpitarium just to make my skin crawl.  There’ll be a playdate with Auntie Me and her Smalls that will, I’m sure, involve more children carrying loaded weapons than an Rwandan army while we make snacks and soak up real adult convos.
What will your first day of spring break 2013 look like?
This is me being real.  Loving the fact that it’s 7:20 and two boys who were at Cabela’s until waaay too late are still sleeping upstairs.  Loving that.

One Reply to “break.”

  1. You guys get our early, we still have a full day today then the fun begins! Glad to hear SkyZone was fun, that is on our list as well! Were starting break out with a 3-day trip to Great Wolf Lodge, so excited! We have never been and the kiddos are super excited and I am just thrilled to have a few days just the 4 of us together!
    Happy spring break, hopefully we get some nice warm spring weather as well!
    Tracee 🙂


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