Because it’s Tuesday (which is of no consequence at all) and because I told you I would share some of the recipes that are rocking my world lately, here is the first:

Lentil Sloppy Joes on the Food Network

Don’t let the name throw you off.  They are delicious.  And full of good stuff.  And, no, your kids might not eat them the first time you serve them, or the second, or the third, but eventually, they’ll surrender.  Three out of four Smalls will eat this stuff.  One like she’s going to the chair.  If you’re gluten free and roll with gf subs, you can get Udi’s gf buns and some peccorino cheese and make it a real party.
Tomorrow I’ll have the other lentil recipe that’s calling my name lately.  Are you seeing the theme here?
For now, it’s off to flush ice cubes down the toilet and crawl back inside the most delish book: A Good American.  I lurve it.  Later Tater.

This is me being real.  Adding A Good American to my carousel so you can get it too.  You’ll love it.

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