I hope this snowy snow day finds you in pjs still and heating up hot cocoa for kids out romping.  Since Wednesday is my big grocery day, it finds me wondering what on earth to feed these people, but there is this recipe that went over well last time with a few renovations for the gastronomically less adventuresome amongst us.  And with a fridge full of broccoli and a pantry full of Pirate’s Booty and garbanzo beans, we will surely not starve, though Peter will claim it as fact within the hour if I don’t get cracking on some kind of protein snack.  And not peanut butter and apples.  Can’t slide that past-he spits on anything less than Jiff, which leaves him peanut butter-less these days since I’m not feeling Jiff.
Do your kid’s quirks ever make you want to pull out your hair and wear sack cloth and ashes until they comply? Anyone?  And just when I think I’ll surely explode if I can’t figure out a repertoire of dinners that will satisfy every palate around our table, I spy Peter nibbling on asparagus and Tess trying a no thank you bite of  cabbage and I think, “Eureka!”  And then Lucy calls me Grandmudder for the forty sixth day in a row and I don’t even care because Amazon just delivered a beautiful book called Salads for Dinner and I can picture myself standing atop a rock, sword in hand, heavenly lights beaming as I conquer this land of picky eaters.  I will know I’ve vanquished the Pickies when I can sit down at my new kitchen table (which has been transformed into a ping pong table with duct tape and glasses, but that’s a tale for another day) and watch my entire family eat a salad.  And I’ll say with tears in my eyes, “Lord, take me now.  I have completed the work you set before me.  My children are born again and eating a salad.”
Until then, I’ll keep trying new things and sharing them with you, if you don’t mind.  Surely you’ve heard of OhSheGlows?  If not, head over there and check it out.  Here is her recipe for Lentil Loaf.  Yum and Amen.

The only changes I made were to pulse the heck out of everything in my food processor so as to disguise the fact that I was serving them raisins or walnuts (two deal breakers with the Smalls), and subbed out the apple butter for unsweetened organic applesauce, though on hindsight, unless your kids are used to weird foods, you’re better off just basting it with plain ketchup.  Enjoy and let me know if they liked it.
This is me being real.  Catching a moment to myself as the girls try out their new swimsuits in the tub.  Summer, please come.  Until then, I vote for snow days every day.

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