I’m not sure when I was this proud last. Today it is my great pleasure to announce the birth of the newly revised and edited, the spiffed up and clean-shaven, the beefed-up and cherry on top 10 Second Rule by Clare DeGraaf.  It took me longer to figure out how to link to it in my sidebar than it did to read it. It is, quite honestly, the whole enchilada with a side of awesome sauce, if you like awesome sauce with your enchilada. If not, then it’s whatever you want to be munching on when you’re watching Downton Abbey on Sunday nights. If you don’t watch Downton Abbey on Sunday nights, then…never mind. Just get the book. Do the Rule. And then pop back to tell me what a lucky girl I am to have such a talented dad, who is incidentally also very funny and easy on the eyes.
This book will mess with you in the way Kisses for Katie and Same Kind of Different do. It will mess with you in a holy-Lord-make-me-radically-transformed kind of way. It will only take a short time to read, but it’ll be so meaty you’ll be wiping Holy Spirit drips off your chin and wearing a stupid grin.

This is me being real. And so proud of this man I love. And so hopeful that The Rule could ignite a fire that burns revival fire across our city and nation and in my very small heart. So hopeful.

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