I meant to post lots about Christmas, but as usually happens this time of year, I’m over it.  The tree is down, the decorations packed back into their boxes and Valentines is starting to make it’s way onto the scene.  It was great.  That’s all.  Just great.  Loved being with family.  Ate too much.  Went sledding and skiing and rediscovered that I hate being cold.  Had nearly forgotten after the balmy winter of 2012, but it’s true: I hate being cold.  Especially when it’s the kind of cold that follows closely on the heels of sweating through your bra as you drag kids from the lodge to the bunny hill, swearing under your breath and wondering for the zillionth time why you chose a man who loved skiing.  There were lots of memories made.  Lots and lots.  And lots of presents opened, but the best one was this:

cost $3.45 and made me smile for weeks thinking of it and the brown eyed guy who loves bacon and duct tape best and would find it in his stocking on Christmas morning.
So 2013 crept in while we were sleeping, as it usually does.  It found us drooling on our pillows, muscles aching from a day of skiing up north, nightstands piled high with new books ready to be dived into. And it left me thinking about this crazy thing we do of waiting until this new year, this one day, to think through how we want to be different and then resolving to do it.  And how silly that is really, because 2013 doesn’t bring a fresh slate and “resolution” comes from “resolve” which means that, despite our best efforts, we’re really just solving the same dang problems over and over, but rarely making much headway.  And into the picture come grace which is the only true 2013 with it’s ability to wash clean as snow and solve for once and for all the stains we’ve on our hands.  Grace is the new black and I’m wearing it with everything this year because I need that slate erased every day, every minute by the only One who can and will. So the only thing I’m resolving to do differently is ask for more of it and to sprinkle it liberally on all those around me.  I’d also like to say this is the year I kick Sugar to the curb for once and for all.  Her and her bestie Portion Control both.  But the grace thing?  That’s the good stuff.

This is me.  Wishing you a grace filled 2013 where you wear robes of righteousness as proudly as that new sweater you picked up on clearance at Anthro the day after Christmas.  And wanting to tell you about the Get Along Shirt, but saving that nugget for another day.

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