Because it’s Wednesday and we’re one day closer to the weekend, which promises to be cozy and cold.  Because after a solid hour of fake sleeping, tiny person beside me, listening for her breathing to deepen, she is finally napping.  Because I’m leaving for Chicago soon and I have all the bags in the car and the clothes laid out for the next couple days and the million and four other things that have to happen for me to leave and the kids to follow with Nana and Papa on Friday.  Because I just washed my new sheets for the second time and was jealous of my parents for getting to sleep on them and it reminded me how much I’ve wanted to share them with you (in a totally platonic way, never fear).  Because of the sheets and the Chicago and the recipe I just tried and because I love you and want good things for you, here is a short list of things I could live without.  But would hate to have to.
*These flannel sheets from Garnet Hill.  We lay in bed and groan at night, swimming our legs from side to side to feel their soft goodness.  It’s just another reason it’s a good thing we don’t have close neighbors. I got the oatmeal for us and the deep sea blue for the boys.  They groan every night too.
*These homemade candy bars.  I made them gluten and (mostly) dairy free.  Giddy.  Up.
*This oatmeal.  Who doesn’t love oatmeal and carrot cake?
*This study on the Holy Spirit.  Every Monday morning ten women gather on my crappy red couch, actually only two or three sit on the crappy red couch, but you know what I mean, and dive into this book and when we come up for air a couple hours later I’m pretty sure we have Holy Spirit stuck to our faces from trying to lap him up like starving people.  Because we are starving for him and for discernment and for the cup-overflowing joy that comes from gathering in his name and asking him to pour out on us.  And the Trader Joe’s dark chocolate covered salty almonds aren’t half bad either.
*There is no link, so you’ll just have to trust me on this, but Lucy’s new short haircut.  Think Shirley Temple meets Ransom of the Red Chief.  It’s too much.
Dogs, she’s up already and I still have to vacuum and dust my bedroom and remember not to forget the instructions for the Kevins and the ducks.  Enjoy your weekend, dear friends.  I’ll catch up with you soon.
This is me being real.  And realizing that all I need for a day and a half away from my kids is gluten free oats and the latest issue of House and Home and a few hours of whispered talks with Father and husband both.  Can’t wait.

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