So, several people have asked me to put a like button for facebook on my blog so when I ask you to vote on a necklace for kids food basket and when I ask you to get the word out you can just push the like button and it’ll pop up on your facebook page.  But the problem is that I’m not very tech savvy and I don’t talk code and I’m not even on Facebook.  So today, after nearly an hour of swearing under my breath and sweat in my bra, I give you my new facebook “like” button.  Yay me.  Giving birth to at least two of my children was not so hard as giving birth to one tiny cyber button.  And no episiotomy this time.  Doesn’t smell like a newborn either.  Bummer.
So, this one’s for you.  Now you can share all you want.  Or keep it to yourself and we’ll just be secret friends.  It’s up to you.
This is me being real.  Wondering if I can get some ice chips.

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