ArtPrize has arrived and with it, a newspaper brimming with bits and fluff about the art scene both local and abroad.  So I’m pursuing the pages, planning the day when I’ll bust the kids out of school and take in all there is to see and I come to this.  Someone has crafted a necklace and is auctioning it off for charity.  You, as the informed public, get to vote for which charity will receive the proceeds when the necklace is sold on Ebay following ArtPrize.  It’s worth $25,00.  Ok?  You vote and one of three charities get %80 of $25,00, which by my math is a lot.  So the three charities are Friends of Grand Rapids Parks, Humane Society of West Michigan and Kids Food Basket.

I believe in Kids Food Basket.  Absolutely adore a charity that is putting food into the hands of hungry kids.  So I go to vote.  And this is where my soul throws up.  Not only is Humane Society winning, it’s killing them.  People, think about this.  We are voting dogs over kids.  Wait, whaaa?  This cannot be.  How do you vote dogs over kids and then sleep at night?  And don’t even get me started on the %13 who are voting Parks over both dogs and kids.  You’d need a Valium the size of a Schitzu to feel good about that. Can we agree that in the hierarchy of things, kids needing dinner win out over dogs and parks?  And if you agree, would you take your sweet self over to this site and vote for Kids Food Basket?  Because parks and dogs are great things, I like them both well enough (actually I don’t like dogs all that much, but that’s a post for another day, but seriously, these are underfed children we are talking about.  And after you’ve voted can you spread the word to your friends and family via facebook and twitter and email and whatever other means you can so we can spread the word that in the war against homeless dogs, unmanicured parks and hungry kids, Jesus will always pick kids.  Always, necklace or no.  He just will.  And it will say a lot about this generation when the ones who follow see what we held dear and it’s not life.  No one will thank us for that.  So please, help me spread the word? And then the next time you’re at one of West Michigan’s parks, pick up a few pieces of trash and pet someone’s dog and know that, even though you didn’t vote for them, they still matter.  Just not as much as kids with a paper bag in hand that means the difference between hungry and fed.  Not nearly as much.
This is me being real. 

5 Replies to “vote.”

  1. This is awesome. I have thoughts like this everyday but don't have the guts to express it to a wider audience. Your words have given me courage. And by the way, I agree with you on the necklace.


  2. Seriously, right? So ugly. I just caught up at your blog (I've missed you over the summer) and read your news. Oh my, you will absolutely have my prayers as you welcome your precious new daughter into your hearts and home. Can't wait to keep up with your journey via cyber stalking:). Bless you for obeying the wild call of the Holy Spirit.


  3. Although I 100% support Kids Food Basket(and voted today)….I think you should be a little NICER about the necklace. Someone worked long and hard on that and they think it's beautiful!


  4. You know Anonymous, you're right. I apologize. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and though it's unattractive to me, it still represents hours and hours of hard work for someone and looks to be beautifully made. I've edited my posts to be more sensitive toward the artist. Thanks for calling me on the carpet for that one.


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