grant, fifth grade
 peter, third grade
tessa, first grade

There are two hours until that yellow bus pulls up and delivers my people.
Two hours until I stand in the driveway clapping my hands like I’m calling the dog home.
Two hours until Peter refuses to let me kiss him, but I tackle him to the floor, put all my weight on his kidneys to hold him down and do it anyway.
Two hours until they say “I’m hungry”.  Two and a quarter at most.
Two hours until the piece of my heart that went with them this morning is reunited with it’s whole and I breathe easier.
Two hours until I can say we’ve done the first day of school.  That wretched first day of school thing that leaves me blurry eyed and trying to act brave but really feeling like all my bones have disintegrated and I’m all quivery inside.  I hate feeling like all my bones have disintegrated.
Two hours and few days until I update you on all the fun things we’ve done to get ready for school, to try to hang on to summer with our teeth.  Things that involve ducklings and eating junk and fancy toes.
Two hours until these people we sent off to school armed only with a blessing and 36 number two pencils come home.  I can hardly wait.
And in the meantime there was Lulu and me.  In the car about five minutes after the bus left, me not able to listen to the echoey silence of this house without it’s people for a minute longer.  So, I buckled her in and we took off to eat doughnuts for breakfast (her, not me.  I’m doing the Daniel Fast with my sisters-look it up-it’s cool), and stock up on new books at the library.  And we were home by noon, my sidekick and me.  And since she was up all night proving to us that she has no concept of hot or cold with her fits of both, I gifted her with the special treat of laying down on the Monster bed for a little seepies.  As we both drifted off to sleep, I whispered to her, Lulu, you’re my special girl.  And from the heap of pink softness next to me came this, you’re my special durl too grandmudder.
This is me being real.  Thankful for a school that I can trust my kids to all day.  More thankful for the yellow savior that will deliver them home to me in two hours.  Thinking our activity tomorrow might be getting my hair colored, because there are 269 days left until school is out for the summer and I don’t want to be anyone’s grandmudder for that long.  How did your first day go?

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