I’m in a shirt and underwear and telling the boys to get out of the picture (have we been friends long enough to talk like this?).  They are nearly as excited as I am, except for the part where I threw off my dress, pulled my bun out and sat down at the computer for a half hour of pure narcissism.  This is what happens when I’ve been dreading dragging four kids into the glasses shop to find new frames all summer, knowing that doing so will result in under-my-breath swears and sweat in my bra.  So when my brother in law (you know who you are) showed up at the lake with some fancy new specks, I was ready to listen.  And what I heard was this: Warby Parker. Hop on their website, pick out five frames, they’ll next day air them to you, you try them out for five days, then send them back with your choice and 95 bucks later, you’ll have a pair of chic new specks headed your way.  And the best part, ok the best part is the coming to your house so you don’t have to drag four kids to the store and get a sweaty bra part, but another sweet part is that they donate a pair to someone in need for every pair they sell.  So when I ripped the box out of the UPS guy’s hands and ran inside it was only seconds before I thought to share the choices with you, being that we are friends and all and that you might need new glasses someday.  Actually what I said was, I’m going to let my readers choose my new glasses.  To which Grant said, do you have any readers?  To which I said, oh for the love, you know what I mean.  Now brush my hair so I look good.
So, will you weigh in?

 The Begley
 The Fillmore
 The Huxley
 The Finn
The Zagg

This is me being real.  Loving Warby Parker.  I mean, seriously, what’s not to love?


8 Replies to “glasses.”

  1. Ty, I had no idea you were a reader. I mean, I've always known you hang on my every word, but I thought your blog reading was limited to food and stuff like table tennis and hunting. I'm flattered. Thanks for weighing in.
    And mom, you are the queen of flattery. I'll bring them all out tomorrow so you can see in person.
    I love you both.


  2. hmm… I like the Zagg.

    Thanks for the info about that glasses website! I've been thinking about buying new specs. But you are right about going into to look at glasses with kids in tow – crazy!!

    Good luck picking!

    (PS – sorry to have missed the shower, Charlotte loved her pail of goodies! Asa wonders why boys can't go to showers and get fun stuff. boys at showers?! that is crazy talk 🙂 Hugs!


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