She did it surrounded by her cousins and with the lullaby of the waves playing in the background.  Did this turning three and stepping off into her fourth year thing.  Did it just to spite me, I think, since I expressly told her not to.  She did it, we all did, in an explosion of pink and tulle and ballerinas and from atop the seat of a princess bike the Grant and Wil put together for her using Papa’s tools.  Just pulled on her new blue tutu, put Bitty in her seat and rode off into three.  And in case you’re wondering what turning three looks like, in case it’s been a long time and you’ve forgotten, here are some pictures to remind you.
 There was an early morning snuggle with Peter who was second up, which was perfect since these two have been best buddies since day one.
 and an early morning trip to the coop to see if we’d caught any raccoons in the traps.
 Remember I told you there was an explosion of pink and tulle?  I was serious.
 And gift buckets for Lulu and her best cousin Vivienne (vifee).
 There was pink cake with pink icing for which Lucy cracked all the eggs herself.
 And the sweetest tent made by Max and Aunt Jenna and just for her.
 I heart this girl.
 There were presents with Papa
 and matching outfits with Bitty
 and a swim with Ez.
 There was time on SpongeBob Square Raft with with her best Nanny.
 More about him later.
 There was Uncle Tony.  Who needs Fancy Nancy when you have an Uncle Tony?

And there was her, her sweet sweet self, asleep before we cleared the driveway.  And probably dreaming of riding away from me tomorrow on her new princess bike while I run behind trying to catch her.  I will always be trying to catch her.  I will never stop trying to catch her.  No matter how old she gets.
This is me being real.  And wondering what could be better than a birthday at the cottage?  And a big squishy family to share it with?  And the sweet perfume of sun lotion on baby skin and strawberry cake and pure sugar?


One Reply to “three.”

  1. I love summer birthdays, cause we can celebrate them at the cottage. I especially love that 2 of my grand babies turn 3 this summer. Lulu did it first in her usual over-the-top style, and I couldn't get enough of her or any of the others for that matter.

    The world is a brighter place since Lucy entered, with dimples, curly hair and knocky knees.

    Please Jesus, keep her safe, and grow to love you best of anybody.

    loving you deep

    PS, and Jesus, may she always benember how much her nanny loves her.


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