Nearly two weeks in and all I’ve got to show for summer is a few really random pictures and four sleepy children clustered around the iPad watching Horseland and arguing over who gets to hold it.  There has been lots of bickering as bedtimes get pushed back in lieu of water gun fights and late night raccoon attacks on the Kevins. There have been several lovely days on the beach, soaking up the smell of sun lotion on baby skin and constantly scanning the water to make sure they are all afloat.  And on one such day we watched in horror as a boy drowned just down the beach and couldn’t be saved.  Our hearts hurt for that.  And it’s served as a good reminder that even the occasional bumpy summer day that feels interminable and hazy is heaven compared to the hell of watching your child drown and having to go on without him.  Heaven.  So, I’m thanking Father for the privilege of summer and spending my days with this lot and the many friends who we are joining up with for fun and laughter.  The Proverbs 31 woman was lauded for her ability to laugh at the days to come.  I want to be her.  Lord, make me her.  In the meantime there is me and four kids and (only) 12 Kevins and a keloid scar named Steve and there is the realization that it’s already June 19 and Lulu is going to be 3 in 5 seepies and those numbers make me feel like going back to bed.  I’m not ready for July and for my baby to be 3 and for summer to be one third over.  We’ve only just gotten started.  So, I’m banning ical and choosing to take each sweet day as it comes, the good, the bad and the ugly (and let me tell you…).  Today we’re headed to a friend’s pool where we will share a salad and soak up the pure loveliness of each other and raising kids together and we’ll try to stay cool before headed home for watermelon and brats on the deck.  There will be chapters read from The Penderwicks while kids dig in the sandbox and them drifting off to sleep wearing only their undies and laying on top of their covers while water bottles sweat onto their night stand.  Then there will be an hour or so of me listening to him laughing at Ridiculousness while I make myself a bracelet from blue twine and gold seed beads before I fall asleep reading Lost in ShangriLa.  And the pure joy, the pure joy, of waking up tomorrow and doing it all over again with the pool switched out for the beach and brats switched out for whatever I’m not too tired to make.  There will be sand in the beds as I tiptoe in to kiss their sweet faces before falling in myself.  There will be blessings and challenges and the constant reminders that my job is only this minute.  Not tomorrow or next month but now.  Summer is good for that.
This is me being real.  And promising a summer reading list tomorrow.  Or maybe tonight if I get my act together, because there are some really good ones, I promise.

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