This is what it looks like when you cap off an exhausting week of saying goodbye to great-grandpa with a wedding.  Your mom will forget her camera because she’ll have seven bags of other crap that you won’t be able to live without for the day.  Your favorite Aunt Cyndy will do your hair, making you feel like a princess, and then will have to redo it at least eight more times before you walk down the aisle.

The last shot your mom will take will be on the way to the church.  After that, she’ll be too busy keeping three flower girls and two boys quiet in the front pew so grandpa can get married.  Halfway through she’ll give up and let you carry your blanket up onto the stage so you can catch a quick snuggle with the best man, who is also your daddy, because her new mother in law has assured her over and over that it is that kind of wedding.  You’ll dress in a fancy dress with flowers in your hair and usher in the lady who will become your new grandma by scattering flower petals on the runner.  You’ll ask at the end of the aisle if perhaps you shouldn’t go back and pick them up.  Your mother will smile because that’s her girl.  You’re her girl, you neat little thing you.
People will be crying, which will confuse you and them too.  Because it is a mixed bag of emotions when they walk into a church for the first time since attending their Mumsy’s funeral to watch her husband take a new wife.  You will ask why people are crying and they will tell you it is sad mixed with a lot of happy and you still won’t understand.  Because you’ll probably never have memories of Mumsy, but they do and they miss her.  They are happy he is happy.  They are falling in love with this new matriarch.  But it’s a love borne out of deep, deep sorrow and moving forward always hurts a little.  You still don’t understand, but don’t worry.  Someday they will tell you how Mumsy lived and loved and how she left and how, in God’s great providence, another came who loves him well.  They will help you understand how that can feel bittersweet, watching them smile into each other’s eyes and make plans for a future that should have been hers.  But they will also help you understand what a gift this new Grandma is to him and to you and to them.  And pretty soon she will be all you know and remember and you’ll look back on the pictures of this day and smile.  And so will they.
This is me being real.  Thankful for Nancy and Mumsy and the whole crazy week that left us totally pooped and completely happy.

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