Could there possibly be a better way to pass an afternoon than this?  Yesterday’s time with friends on the deck praying for husbands and feeding kids ice cream and permitting them to empty whole bottles of kid soap into the kiddie pool for the sake of finishing a sentence?  That was pretty sweet too.  But this afternoon finds me with a fridge and pantry full of healthy food because, you know, it’s Wednesday and, while hearing noises from Lulu’s room signaling she’s up and moving again usually makes me sigh just a little on these Monday and Wednesday afternoons when I steal a rare few moments to myself, today it finds me refusing to end my lazy time.  Instead I invite her into it with the lure of a cold cup of juice and a yummy snuddle with her mama.  And even though now we’re up making fresh sorbet for the other littles who will be hopping off the bus momentarily (maybe my favorite time of the day) and setting out dinner dishes and laying out tomorrow’s clothes, for a little while there it was just me and her and both of us doing this snuddle thing that we both love.  This day is a gift and I’m slowing down so I can receive it.  Because slowing down is not my speed.  Martha is my speed.  But today is a Mary day.
This is me being real.  Hoping I can cop a snuddle with the others before now and bedtime.  And I’ll sit and breathe in the perfume of their hair and whisper and prayer of thanks for this life.  How are you spending this day?

2 Replies to “snuddle.”

  1. What I have been doing most of this day is praising God for it's beauty. Daffodils are fully blooming, and windows are open wide to receive the gentle breezes.

    However, a small part of the day was spent texting in the parking lot of Noodles, and anticipating seeing Grant's musical, only to find out I was 24 hours early. Had to cancel something for tonight, so we could go, and, you guessed it, we rescheduled for tomorrow night…some days are like that, even in Australia.

    love you deep


  2. Oh you poor Nanny Burd. I knew we had a problem when you texted to ask where we were. But we'll be there tomorrow, so just consider today something of a rehearsal. Now you'll have it down pat. I love you.


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