swinter is for…

making your own nest to nap in

breakfast play dates that last til lunch and are preceded by a text warning they’re coming in their pjs and not to mix the berries into the oatmeal and how long do we think we can stretch this out?

water balloon fights with neighbors who wander across the creek so see what’s going on and stay to play

hooking up the outdoor shower and taking the first deck-side tub of the season


and using them to spray your sisters as they zip by

being pulled in a sled by your brother who is driving the tractor and grinning like a mad man

and then smirking about it

because you got to spray your sister and didn’t even get in trouble for it because she loved it
we’re finding swinter is for outside fun.  you?

This is me being real.  hoping swinter gives birth to full-on summer and they cancel the last two months of school on account of global warming.


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