It’s a gloomy day in early March and I’ve only just remembered that every March brings with it at least two things I love: a chance to read through the Little House series and April.  And so this gloomy afternoon, the last one that will be chilly for a while if my weather app is to be trusted, finds me baking gf, df granola bars and curling up to check in with Laura.  But here are some other things I’ve fallen in love with lately:
1.  Downton Abbey.  Dan, I cheated.  I watched episode four without you this afternoon while eating my hot bowl of apple sauce, nearly letting it dribble down my chin when I thought Mrs. Hughes was leaving and sputtering with rage when Thomas, that jerk, took William’s girl from him.  I’m sorry love, I’ll watch it again with you tonight.
2.  Goat cheese.  It was just added back into my diet and my salad couldn’t be more pleased.  Such creamy yumminess.
3.  Lulu’s stage.  I want to freeze it forever.  Today her Barbie asked my Barbie (don’t judge me) to go to the cafe.  Her word, not mine.  Apparently the Barbs needed tea.  Luckily it was only just over the rug and one of the Barbs has a horse, so we didn’t have far to go.  This kid is like the yummiest creamsicle and, as much as I lick it, I never get to the stick.  Prolly will when she’s fourteen, but not now.  For now she is the funniest person I know (sorry dad) and spending the morning with her is good for my soul.
4.  Enjoy Life gf, df, everything free chocolate chips.  You would think there would be a million ingredients to replace all the good stuff, but you would have another think coming.  Three.  Ingredients.  And none of them are things I can’t eat.  Bummer that the cocoa still gives me headaches, but I can chew through that pain.  I set up a yogurt bar yesterday: little glass bowls filled with these chips and sliced bananas and unsweetened flaked coconut.  The kids thought they were having such a treat.  Booyah.  It’s all healthy.  Go to Meijers and buy a bag (in the gf section) then leave a comment and tell me if you can tell the difference.
5.  Dryer sheets.  The kids came home from Nana’s last weekend smelling so good, that after a year’s hiatus, I caved and started using them again.  I know they have formaldehyde in them, Muff, but the smell…we also drink from plastic cups that are so old they probably aren’t bpa free and yesterday Grant reheated something in the microwave using a melamine plate.  So, the dryer sheets are probably the least of our problems.  I’ll double up on the sunscreen this summer and buy the kids glass lunch boxes.  It’ll all even out.

This is me being real.   Working hard to be thankful in March.  And realizing I don’t actually have to work that hard at all.  Who knew?

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