We interrupt this regularly scheduled blog post to bring you the following public service announcement:
Lululemon is coming to Grand Rapids.
Did everyone else already know this?
Am I the only one who didn’t?
I did not stumble on this information as I was on the site lusting looking at this:

I did not put my feverish baby to bed, send my husband and other children off to go for a swim and then spend a sinful amount of time going back to this and wondering how I could justify buying it.
Because I have broken up with materialism.  And sugar both.
But then they had to go and tease me with a Lululemon coming here.
They wouldn’t be so cruel as to put it next to Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory would they?

This is me being real.  And wishing coveting and chocolate weren’t so yucky.  Vowing to do better tomorrow.  Starting tonight.

3 Replies to “lululemon.”

  1. Could I assist you in your break up if I told you you might look a teensy bit like a tuning fork, allbeit a lovely one, if you ran around town in this? Does that help it lose its lust-er for you?


  2. Ok, then how about in light pink, you nut? And I'm dying to know what your first comment was that was removed by the author (you). Tell me, tell me. This is like when someone starts to tell a story but stops themselves, saying it's gossipy and they shouldn't and you commend them on their moral fortitude even while totally wanting them to say, “Oh forget it, I'll just tell you, but you can't tell anyone else.” It's like that.
    Feel better. We'll talk tuning forks when you're not barfing anymore.


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