February 14.

February 14: three gifs found behind closed doors.

there was a flurry of activity going on this morning as I lay in bed praying.  i could hear it in the way that amplifies sounds that are trying to be hushed.  could hear it in the sizzle of sausages and the patter of feet and the stumble of boys coming down from a night’s sleep.  i lasted exactly 10 minutes, knowing they were all awake and i was missing them.  then i wandered out and found these gifts behind my closed bedroom door:

happy valentine’s day to you, friends.  my you be given the perspective today to understand, really understand, how wide and high and long and deep the love of Jesus is.  and may you be prompted to not keep that news to yourself but to sprinkle it around liberally so that others may know it too.  May you be given the grace to bless God in a way that makes him great and you small.  and in your smallness may you have a big sense of how cradled you are in the love and arms of the God whose very name is Love.

this is me being real.  and drowning in the very idea of this love.  just totally drowning in it.


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