february 11.

february 11.  Thanks I wish I could capture on film, but since I dropped my camera running into school to see Peter’s Fairy Tale Wax Museum and haven’t yet gotten over to the other side of town to have it looked at, there are thanks only in words.
three gifts found in friendship:
1.  four sets of medium hands cupped around steaming mugs of hot cocoa, marshmallows bobbing on the surface.  four boys sleepy from settling down much too late because there were too many funny things to giggle about in the dark.  this friendship blesses me.
2.  a friend’s voice over the phone line commiserating about that enchantress, Sugar, and how to rid ourselves of her once and for all.  and then vowing to do better with our kids than we’ve done with ourselves.  this friendship blesses me.
3.  a friend disguised as a sister, who is coming later with her golden bracelet that makes her feel pretty though she is beautiful even without adornment, and her husband who makes us laugh and her five beautiful children.  all headed here to feast together and romp in the snow and catch up, something we haven’t done in far too long.  this friendship blesses me too.

this is me being real.  and praying that you find yourself blessed by the gift of friends this weekend.

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