january 29.

day 29.
a song heard
    Jesus paid it all
    all to him i owe
    my sin had left a crimson stain
    he washed it white as snow

a soft word

where you saw light
   genesis 44 when joseph plants his chalice in his brother, benjamin’s grain sack, and judah, the black sheep lays down his life for his brother.  asks joseph to take him instead.  judah who sold joseph into slavery.  judah who slept with his daughter in law after refusing her a kinsman redeemer.  judah who paints the very picture of a life lived poorly, but then laid down and redeemed for a new life.  judah who made me squint up at my husband and breathe a breath prayer that the work God is doing in him, the work of making him into a judah, a leader, is work that saves us all by proxy.  you too.  because there is bright light in empowering our husbands and teaching our boys that these, his, are the footprints they walk in.  not a perfect life, but one laid down in humility borne of suffering.  greatness doesn’t come of perfection; it comes of brokenness.  and that: the promise of redemption, of beauty from ashes, is light.

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