january 28.

day 28.  three graces found in your friends
ok, so i’m just catching on that this joy dare i’ve been embarked on doesn’t necessarily have to be photos.  which is a relief since i couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to take pictures of:
1.  prayer (the kind that responds to email pleas with a knee-jerk reaction to pray)
2.  laughter (the kind that is centered around topics women a hundred years ago would have had the vapors over and that takes place over a cuppa steaming tea)
3.  transparency (the kind that allows you to come over without wearing your bra, but bringing it in your picnic basket just in case you feel like putting it on later)

We are returned from our skiing jaunt.  Three lovely nights in a condo big enough to hold us all.  Pics to follow.  But suffice it to say we had a magical little away and returned to our first and second blue egg and one big enough that it made be blush when I held it.  Pics to follow of that too.

This is me being real.  Happy to have gotten away.  Happy to be home.  Happy for friends who provide grace over and over.

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