january 20.

day 20.  a gift you saw only when you got close up:

this book that i’ve read lots of times.  this book of matthew that i’m reading again with dear friends who gather in yoga pants, hands cupped around hot mugs of tea, getting often off subject talking out our kids and going gluten free and how we got the stain out of the carpet.  this studying of the Bible that is firstly about Jesus, but secondly about studying each other and how we can be the hands and feet.  secondly about building a home team and being in community with each other.  secondly about smoothies and taking her arm (or not) and wondering if it gets any better than this.  this digging so deeply into the book of matthew that we find each other and Jesus and they’re all wrapped up together because that’s how Jesus works: curls us around each other, tethers us to the Body and then anchors us to Him because then we won’t come undone in a world that seeks to make us unravel.  we’re digging our heals in and digging deeper and finding many good gifts.

this is me being real.

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