January 17.

Day 17.
one gift that made you laugh

 our very own version of cupcake wars, staged in my once clean kitchen and with a fairy theme, of course. i laughed into my apron as she threw out such exclamations as, just leave it!  and are you kidding me there’s only ten minutes left on the clock? and this frosting is never going to work out-we should have stuck to our original recipe.  this is how she staged the table.  the judges will be daddy and the boys.  we’re totally hoping we win.

one gift that made you cry

this chemical imbalance that leaves me awake a good part of the night lately.  and last night found me on my face in my family room crying and calling out to God for strength for this road.  because the road through the desert is hard and seems really really long, but it always leads to the promise land.  always.  and even though i hate feeling this way, i’ve long seen this struggle as a gift because without it, i would still just be lost.  no one gets fixed who doesn’t first get broken.  could cry again at the compassion of a Father who loves us that much even though it must hurt his very heart to hear us call out in anguish and frustration.  still a gift even when it doesn’t feel like one.

one gift that made you quiet

this cozy spot where i totally on-demanded an episode of cupcake wars for tess so i could catch a nap this afternoon.  and even though i slept for bit, just laying there and watching the snow come down outside and having this sweet girl curled up by my legs and praying for dear friends who are hurting, that was peace for my soul.  just more quiet time with Jesus-something i can never get enough of.

this is me being real.

3 Replies to “January 17.”

  1. We wowed them with our gf chocolate cupcake with peanut butter frosting with Tessie-made chocolate decorations. My brain is still buzzing. I'll send around the recipe when I get a sec. Think it'll be our new go-to treat for birthdays and celebrations. I love you both.


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