January 12.

Day 12.  
Something above you

this chimney blowing smoke from the fire that is keeping us cozy as we settle in for some fairy reading, just my girl and me

Something below you

this carpet that i hate.  but every stain bears evidence to the life that is going on here.  and this vent that is blowing hot air to keep us warm and the money to pay the bill when it comes next week already sitting in the bank and those are luxuries i often forget to thank for.

Something beside you

this lovely mess on the counter because it whispers of the Holy Spirit’s prompting to spend time in the kitchen with my girls which, frankly, is not my favorite thing and it gives evidence of the fact that i listened even though i knew it would involve sweat in my bra and a roll of paper towel and would necessitate a total wipe down for lucy.

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