january 11

Day 11.  three yellow things that strike you as fresh mercy
yellow is my least favorite color.  except maybe burgundy. so finding three things to photograph that are yellow was a challenge.  and yellow doesn’t speak of fresh mercy to me.  it speaks of dog vomit and sour milk.  blue is a mercy color.  but blue wasn’t the challenge.  yellow was.

 there is fresh mercy in being cracked open and being spilled out.  even though it hurts.  even though it’s messy.  even though others see it and it makes you feel embarrassed and a little ashamed.  it’s still more merciful than being left to rot in the hard shell of your own sin.  fresh mercy to be poured out.

 yellow light bathing my books at four this morning when God woke me up to spend time with him.  there is fresh mercy in having the decision to sleep past your alone time taken from you.  fresh mercy in God just waking you up so you won’t miss it.  

what could be more merciful than strangers giving of themselves to help a dying grandmother gift her grand babies with a piece of herself after she’s gone?  fresh mercy indeed.


One Reply to “january 11”

  1. Isn't it interesting how we are given challenges that we wouldn't do on our own, and we find God revealing Himself in unique ways. I'm sure you will always see an egg, golden light and Tessie's quilt in a different way because of todays assignment.

    When I'm looking to see God in some situation He changes my focus, so I can see Him revealed in all His grace and glory

    love you deep


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