January 10.

Day 10.
a gift that’s sour.

maybe my favorite stocking stuffer this year

a gift that’s sweet.

oh no, wait, this was too.

a gift that’s just right.

this is Teddy.  We met him the last time we had the honor of serving here. he sat next to tess and helped cut her meat.  when i asked him what he really wanted for christmas he replied, only to be with my friends and family.  he was sick a long time ago, died four times on the table. Teddy went to heaven, but Jesus told him his work was not done.  i’d move heaven and earth to give this man a lemon pie every day for the rest of his life.  he sent us this card to remember him by.  as if we could ever forget.
i think i might be just the teeniest bit in love with teddy.

One Reply to “January 10.”

  1. teehee. i love the bit about teddy. he's a special one; you can really FEEL that he is close to Jesus in a unique way, can't you?
    i loved seeing your entire clan at Love Feast before christmas. that was a very sweet treat, indeed.


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