This blog, that I check into often, offered up this photo dare that started nearly a week ago but which I only saw just now.  And since I’ve never been one to pass up a good dare, and since the blog’s author has inspired me and millions others to offer up thanks daily and for that I sort of love her, I’m joining in.  So, here I offer you day 1 and 2.  You’ll have to excuse me while I catch up.
Day 1.  Three things about yourself you are grateful for.

 my door is always open.  and not just because my kids are incapable of remembering to close it behind them
 i’m creative
i’m broken

Day 2.  a gift outside, inside, on a plate

evidence that there were women here and that they were drinking hot tea which means we were together and talking about ourselves and comfortable doing so
the very best cabbage salad that i make at least three times a week
This is me being real.  And saying I’ll see you tomorrow already which for those of you who ask me to post more often is good news.  For those of you who wish I’d just shut up already…I’m sorry.  January will be over in 25 days.


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