I took pictures of Christmas, I swear.  But I can’t find my camera, so you’ll just have to believe me when I say it was magical.  And that it involved too much food and too many presents and a cozy day by the fire with all 20 something of us wishing it would snow but being totally content anyway.  It also involved a rocking’ Christmas party during which we gambled with our children (a first) and left Peter with the $8 pot.  Merry Christmas indeed.  There were stockings bulging with books and movies and chocolate and underwear, the usual stuff.  There was an iPod touch for our oldest, who now texts me every five minutes.  Stuff like: can i call owen? and Do we have any pirates booty and can i have some?  I wait until he’s in bed then take pictures of myself making silly faces and make them his screen saver.
There was a Lego set with no fewer than 1,200 pieces that kept Dan occupied for hours while Peter found pieces and cheered him on.  Legos are a win win in our house.  Kanani made out like a bandit since she’s being discontinued next week, thank you American Girl for making that clear to my little girl when we were there last month.  Lulu now has her first pair of Havaianas and a new princess dress-up so we can retire the old tattered one she wears most days.  But the highlight of Christmas is time spent worshiping and breaking bread (or whatever is gluten free) and being together.  Family time and the gift of Jesus put our Christmas over the top.
And now we are packed and ready to head off for a few days of 20 something people crammed into a four bedroom house.  There will be skiing for all six of us as we introduce Lulu to the sport, one she’s already declared to be her fravewet.  This might be our favorite week of the winter.  What can be better than a suitcase full of yoga pants and thirteen cousins with rosy cheeks and runny noses building forts in the woods.  What could be homier than sisters clustered around embroidery and knitting and only taking breaks for the daily game of Colorku and to work on the annual puzzle?  And brothers in law in ski socks and warm nummies stoking the fire while watching sports and wondering what that heavenly smell coming from the kitchen is (probably Molly’s squash curry soup or Dad’s popcorn)?  What could be better than all that?  If I find it up north I’ll let you know.
This is me being real.  Packing six people in one duffle bag with only long johns and pjs and one pair of jeans just in case we hit Mary Jane’s for a vanilla shake.  Can’t.  Wait.

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