He did it.  After five and a half years and countless evenings and mornings, he walked across that stage to the cat calling of his wife and children and got the diploma that was so hard won.  This journey that predates Lucy and spans taking over the family business and the other myriad things that occupy a man who lives with four kids, twelve chickens and a keloid scar named Steve.  So you’d better believe we made a holy racket when that man marched on Ferris State University this weekend in his cap and gown.  But only after we serenaded him with the electric guitar version of Pomp and Circumstance while serving him breakfast in bed in the morning.
And we did it the way we do everything: as a family.  And by shoving M&Ms and neon orange tic tacs at the kids in return for sitting still through the ceremony.  And with Grandpa there and Nanny Burd too.  They wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

These kids were so proud and excited.  And even though they were sleepy from the Christmas party of the night before during which Christmas Party history was made when a nephew received the first ever live chicken for the $10 gift exchange and at which we ate copious amounts of homemade guacamole and went home with salsa so hot it could take the finish off a Buick.  Even though they were sleepy, they rose to the occasion and were attentive and quiet.  Except when daddy walked the stage because then we were very loud.  It seemed like the occasion called for a cacophony. 
This is a big accomplishment.  I am so proud.  And thankful that it’s over.  But mostly proud.
This is me being real.  And wondering if this graduation comes with a raise?  ‘Cause that would be sweet.

5 Replies to “graduate.”

  1. I wouldn't have missed it for anything. Tears of joy welled in my eyes as I saw Dan walk into the auditorium. He has accomplished so much. This has been a family commitment, and it was such a joy to see the family celebrate their husband and daddy for his hard faithful work.

    Your mom would have been proud also Dan. The pictures are a treasure.

    I think as a non-bias party that a raise is absolutely in order. but thats just me.

    love you deep


  2. Way to go Dan! Awesome accomplishment!
    Congrats to the whole family for all the sacrifices you all had to make for this goal to be achieved.
    And you guys seriously look great! So good to see you Friday night 🙂


  3. Wow! Congrats to Dan! That's awesome. By the way, you two are looking great! Actually not all that different from high school graduation pictures (minus the kids)! Beautiful pics.
    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!


  4. What an awesome accomplishment! Congratulations to all of you! You guys looking so young and healthy – life looks to have been good to you. Hoping that our paths will soon cross…


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