Friends of my parents lost their son yesterday.  A sweet gentle man with Down’s Syndrome who made everyone fall in love with him with his hugs and childlike innocence.  And his siblings, who love him so deeply, were worried when the end drew near that he would be frightened by dying.  That the actual process of breathing his last would be terrifying to this man who could not understand it.  But in the end it was just a breath followed by another and then silence.  Because Mark loved Jesus more than anything and he knew where he was headed.  He’d been seeing Jesus beckoning to him for months, had drawn pictures of Him and what heaven looked like.  And so even though he did not, could not, understand this process of passing from this life into the next, it held no fear for him.  No gasping for breath, no frightened eyes, no clenched hands, just breath and then none.  Perfect peace as he left this earth and the loving presence of his family and was celebrated in heaven by his savior.  And so in his death, Mark teaches us that this is how we are called to live.  Without fear.  No grasping at this life and it’s trappings.  Just the soulful, peaceful calm that comes from knowing that this world holds nothing for us.  That our citizenship is in Heaven and if we groan it’s because we long to go there.  And so I’m praising God today for the sweet life of his servant Mark and the reminder he paid me today to let go my clenched fists and live with open hands and ready spirit.  To stop thinking it to death but to just live and and do the work I’ve been called to and to see it as kingdom work and not mundane.  To wait in peace for the savior who is surely coming as he promised.  Bless you Brother Mark for showing us the way.
This is me being real.  Challenged.  Thankful.

One Reply to “breath.”

  1. Mark had the unique joy to see Heaven, literally, may times. He knew exactly what awaited him. I think he had been patiently waiting for Jesus to take him home and when he drew his last earthly breath, and then saw Jesus and breathed eternal air, he finally was home, and his faith became his sight.

    I am a richer person in every way for being part of Mark's life. He will be missed.

    love you deep


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