this is my sister.

she’s the one in pink.
her name is molly, but if you’re in her family you can call her muff or moller waller dollar.
but only if you’re in her family.
she looks just like me only cuter.  and older.  but mostly just cuter.
she wears funky glasses, home schools her four boys and says “ya know what i’m sayin’?” a lot.
she also has a business.
it’s called bloom naturals.
she mixes up the most amazing lotions in her vitamix.
they are all made with pure, natural, ingredients.
you could eat them.
they don’t taste very good.
but they feel heavenly on your skin.
go check them out.
click here.
tell her i sent you.  that’ll win me huge points and get you a 0% discount on your first order.
and mention that i’m her biggest fan.  i’m not sure i tell her that enough.

this is me being real.  and packing my lotion for a weekend in the windy city where chapped cheeks will have nothing on this creamy soothing wonderfulness in a jar.  and hoping i don’t use so much that my garrett’s popcorn sticks to my cheeks.  that would not look cool.


2 Replies to “bloom.”

  1. What a fabulous post! As a totally impartial reader, I think Molly sounds like the most delightful of people, and it sounds like her sister knows and loves her well. Probably takes one to know one.

    And if I forget to mention, I'm my children's biggest fan. I'm not sure I tell them that enough.


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