It started auspiciously.  It started with leaving feverish kids and bumpy airplane rides and eleven hours with only a bag of sprouted sunflower seeds and an apple.  It started in the wrong city even, thanks to poor weather and being rerouted.  It started with seriously considering eating here:

 But only because we were nearly starving to death, after begin dropped in the wrong city without our luggage.  But we weren’t happy.  So we didn’t land there.  Rented a car and drove two hours into the mountain paradise that is Ketchum Idaho.  It started without our suitcases full of warm nummies, packed in anticipation of lots of down time and cold temps.  It started by having to show up at the evening reception in the jeans we’d been traveling in for like a million hours and with sweaters on our teeth.  It started with a first night with only the hotel bathrobes and the toothpaste and comb we bought in the hotel gift shop.  It started with sleet.  It started auspiciously.
But then they came.  Those lovely green suitcases full of warm nummies and clean underwear.  And the meetings ended and the snow stopped and turned to sunshine and then there was fun.  There was a pedicure during which Dan’s staff delivered a tray filled with gluten free goodness and home dec magazines and a note telling me to meet him for a massage in an hour.  There were hours spent swimming in the hot tub and wondering if we put one it and called it a Mikva if we could get some kind of religious tax write off?  There was God showing up, as promised, and softening hearts and growing us closer together.  There was yuck too.  Panic attacks and crappy sleep and bad news from home.  But mostly there was him and me and this picture that we texted to our kids to show them what their parents look like when they are away.  My face looks like that because I’m so relaxed.  Either that or I may have had a minor stroke.  I can’t remember.

And on the fifth day there was us, flying home holding hands and eating pumpkin seeds and organic raisins and still starving.  Almost.  And there were tears from me before we were even close to home and an indulgent grin from him when I hopped out before the wheels stopped turning.  And this mama tearing it up down the bike path to get her hands on her people.  There were gifts handed out, like a real china tea set and the kickinest pair of red high tops and lots and lots of hotel bubble bath and chocolate.  There was a totally inadequate thank you for the one who took such good care of them and a million whispered thanks to the One who brought us all back together as we’d asked.  And who single-handedly made our time away so sweet.
It’s hard to figure out if the getting away or the coming back is better.  Of course, since there can’t be one without the other, I’ll have to take them both.  But not for a long time.  I’m home.
This is me being real.  Thankful to be have gone away.  Thankful to be home.  Pretty sure I don’t want to see a sprouted sunflower seed for a long time.


2 Replies to “home.”

  1. I am laughing all by myself reading this blog. You did well my daughter, and God won. Yah God! Nothing is ever as bad as we think, and somethings are even better.

    love you deep, and praying constantly


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