This is The New Ewe
It’s undoubtedly the greatest yarn and fabric shop in Michigan.
Probably the United States.
Maybe even the world.
Probably the world.
It’s right next to the Newaygo Democratic Party headquarters, but don’t let that scare you off.  
Mumsy got transplanted there nine years ago.  To Newaygo, I mean.  And she was lonely.  
So she picked up knitting.  Boy, did she pick up knitting.
Pretty soon she owned the shop.
Then she moved it to this sweet building.
And filled it with soft yarns and fun fabrics and every notion you can imagine.
And with Cyndy, Marilyn, Jan, and Jody.  They are soft and fun too, but not for sale.  
They will sit on the couch with you in front of the fire on a cool fall day and help you pick up a dropped stitch or dream up a colorful quilt.
This place has Mumsy written all over it.  
I think she was happiest there.
We went there on Wednesday for the first time since she left.  It was hard, but so good.  And now we are all knitting soft somethings.  Except for Lucy.  And me.  It took me only about three rows to remember why I sew instead of knit.  Now Lulu has a new scarf and I spent some time today kissing my sewing machine and reassuring it that it’s the only craft for me.  We both feel better.
So if you find yourself with some time on your hands and a hankering to feel loved by complete strangers who will be family before the bell over the door stops ringing, head to Newaygo.  Stay on the main street and you can’t miss it.  The New Ewe.
This is me being real.  Thankful for the haven that Mumsy imagined up and remembering my promise to her that I’d meet her on the couch there on the first day all my kids are in school.  And that we’d knit all day and chat and have some lunch at the Whistle Stop Cafe across the street.  T minus three years and nine days and counting.  Care to join me?

2 Replies to “Ewe.”

  1. Your mumsy would be so thankful for the free pr. I'm not a knitter [have wanted to be, love the idea of, even love the feel of] and yet you made The New Ewe sound so positively delightful and cozy I'm thinking of trying once again.

    Maybe in 3 years and 9 days I will be ready to join you. Until then, there's always the sewing machine.

    love you deep


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