2011 may forever be thought of as the summer of the duct tape.  We’ve made duct tape wallets, duct tape bracelets and duct tape cell phone holders.  There have been duct tape bow ties for fancy dinners, duct tape doll accessories and duct tape hair pretties that stick to your head but look really colorful.  There have been duct tape iPod cases and duct tape water vessels that really hold water.  We’ve watched exhaustive duct tape tutorials on YouTube and discovered all things duct tapeable and many that aren’t.  There have been hours spent at Nana and Papa’s cottage, cousins clustered around colorful rolls making sticky creations.  My scissors are all gummed up and the recycling bin is full of brown empty rolls, a testament to the copious amounts of taping going on here.  There have been duct tape flowers and even this duct tape scooter, the frugal mom’s answer to hand me downs:

Who knew that duct tape came in every color?  Even Hello Kitty and the ever popular late 80’s splatter paint pattern for those nostalgic tapers.  So, as summer of 2011 winds to a finish (sigh), we can only think to dig in our heels and say, “Carpe Ductum”.
This is me being real.  And trying to get this residue off my tables…


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