These are the kinds of days we’ve had lately: hazy, hazy, play outside until we’re so languid and wet we nearly have to swim back into the cool house.  The hum of the air conditioning a sure sign that it’s hot outside.  I know it isn’t a tough man’s contest, Mol, but it sort of is to us.  And we normally get away with only turning the air on a few nights a summer, but this is day two with no end in sight, so I’m thinking that record will be shot to heck.  Shot by these days that are so hot the kids are asking if we can please stay inside, which is why we spent the morning helping Miss Jackie do her “I have a box” routine at the library and getting the car washed and stopping off at the stinky store (harvest health) for a gluten free treat for the whole car.  And Lucy, never to be hampered by fashion of social convention, spent her after nap time riffling through my bathroom cupboards since she knew I was in the kitchen and distracted.  Which is how she ended up with double protection and in the front yard for all to see before I caught on to it.  Not that there isn’t normally at least one kid around here who is embarrassing me in front of the neighbors.  And it’s usually Lucy.

This is me being real.  Cause what else could I possibly be with a nearly naked baby running around with a maxi pad stuck to her diaper?


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