It was a lovely day to celebrate fathers.  A day filled with gluten and dairy free food and sand between our toes.  A day made all the more special by being given the first copies of my dad’s book.  I wrote about it here, when it was just a baby book and not actually being published yet.  Now it is.  And I’m so proud I could bust.  Just totally bust.  Just kept rubbing the cover and drying my eyes and thinking how great it was that he’d followed the wild call of the Holy Spirit and written it and now it’s finished, all that hard work, and it’s here.  Like giving birth, only without the stretch marks or nursing bras.  The baby is here.  You’ll have to wait to get your copy, but it’ll be totally worth the wait, I promise.  Here’s your teaser…

And here is my mom, sitting next to him.  

She sort of wrote the book too.  Has read it a thousand times, offering insight and advice, going to all the meetings and cheering him on.  She has been his biggest support.  So I think it’s fair to say it was sort of a joint effort.  His words, her feedback.  As he’d say, he’d rather fail privately than fall short publicly.  Which he won’t.  Because it’s good.  Beef and pork at Grandma’s good.  And I’ll be promoting it shamelessly here since I’m running over with pride about this thing he has done.  So, be patient.  Good things come to those who wait and you’ll have to wait a bit longer for this one.  Just a bit.  Sit.  Stay.  Good reader.
Seeing her and him and this baby they birthed together made me think of Father’s day and the truth that perhaps my biggest, most important job, besides loving God and loving others is getting behind my husband and cheering him on.  Is setting aside my own agenda to help him meet his.  I haven’t always done that well.  Still don’t.  But God is working on us both and that’s what we’re heading toward.  This man who fathers his children better than anyone I know.  Who is unfailingly patient and kind and always willing to drop everything and have a tea party or toss the ball in the front yard.  He is goodness personified.  Not perfect, never that, but really really good.  And I’m committing to being his biggest cheerleader this coming year.  And asking God to make me everything Dan needs.  Can’t wait.
This is me being real.  Ready for God’s working.  Waiting for the book release party.  Commissioning a tour bus.  Packing my bags.  Giddy up.

5 Replies to “cheer.”

  1. I think we're selling way more than books here. And God gets all the glory.
    Take it from someone who has failed miserably in this category, being your husband's cheerleader is the best gift you can give him, and you both get the rewards.

    I rode the cheerleading short bus for way too many years. I'm off. Not going back. The new bus I'm on is way bigger and better…there may even be room for touring.
    love you deep


  2. I'll have to get my hands on a copy of your dad's book – if he wrote it and your mom helped out – I don't know how it couldn't be great!
    (Love the pic of your parents.)
    Enjoy summer! Hope to run into you sometime this summer and chat. (you can't imagine how kissable Charlotte's cheeks are now. She's just too precious and irresistible!)


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