She turned something yesterday.  She did it the best way possible: with cake and cherry pie and a stack of child-written notes saying things like:
Nana, I love it when you swim in the lake with us.
Nana, you’re my best Nana and I love you way down deep to your toes.
Nana, you’re the most beautiful flower.
Stuff like that warms a Nana’s heart.  That and thirteen grandchildren, three daughters, and a lot of hullabaloo all focused on being together and shooting stuff with bb guns and riding bikes.  This family we have going on here?  They are the best.  Cousins who adore being together and siblings who are raising them in groups and Jesus sprinkled liberally on top and inside and over everything.  There is great joy in a loud afternoon spent watching life erupt with catcalls and shouts of exclamation while the daffodils pop above the ground litter and the spring peepers accompany it all.  Great joy.  And we found it here yesterday (and most other days too) when we gathered to celebrate our Nannyburd and the just totally cup-running-over-spilling-onto-our-shoes blessing of this woman we love to her toes.
This is me being real.  Thankful.


7 Replies to “Nannyburd.”

  1. I am blessed beyond words. I love that Jesus is sprinkled on top, inside, and over everything. He's sitting right in that picture, in every face, and my joy and contentment runs over, under, around and into it all.. thank you Lord for your faithfulness.

    love you deep


  2. What a priceless picture!!! Happy birthday Aunt Susan, sounds like it was a truly special day.
    Hope you all are well, looking forward to summer visits at the lake!


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